Manually Installing the Root Certificate on macOS


Product Version 1.0.0 and above
OS macOS


To capture secure traffic (HTTPS), Fiddler Everywhere needs to install a root CA, called Fiddler Root Certificate Authority, in the macOS Keychain Access application. How can I install the trust certificate automatically or manually?

The recommended approach is to install the Fiddler Everywhere root certificate on macOS automatically. For the step-by-step guide, refer to the First Steps with Fiddler Everywhere on macOS article.

Manual Approach

If the automatic installation and enabling of the trust certificate do not work, you can manually install the trust CA within your keychain application:

  1. Open Fiddler Everywhere and go to Settings > HTTPS_ and expand the Advanced Settings menu.

  2. Use the Export root certificate(DER/Binary format) option from the drop-down menu. As a result, the Fiddler_Root_Certificate_Authority.crt file will be created in the Desktop folder.

  3. Go to the Desktop folder and click Fiddler_Root_Certificate_Authority.crt. The Keychain Access application starts and opens the Certificates section.

  4. Double-click the Fiddler_Root_Certificate_Authority.crt certificate to open it.

  5. Expand the Trust section and choose Always Trust in the When using this certificate drop-down. The Fiddler root certificate is now installed and trusted. notification appears.

  6. Open Fiddler Everywhere and start capturing secure traffic.