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ChartView for Xamarin.Android: Behaviors

Each chart can be enabled with interactivity through its Behaviors. A behavior is generally an abstraction that handles user input in a RadChartView instance and optionally provides visual feedback upon some action. The following behaviors are available:

  • PanAndZoomBehavior: When this behavior is added to RadCartesianChartView, the gestures drag, pinch open and pinch close respectively cause panning, zooming in and zooming out of the associated chart plot area.
  • TrackballBehavior: This behavior is responsible for rendering concise information about several data points in a small popup which displays over its relevant data points. A vertical line is also drawn through the data points for maximum clarity.
  • TooltipBehavior: This behavior is used for rendering concise information about a data point in a small popup.
  • ChartSelectionBehavior: Handles selecting and deselecting of either data points or series.

Getting Started

In order to add a behavior, you simply need to add a new behavior of the desired type to the behaviors collection of your chart instance:

RadCartesianChartView chartView = new RadCartesianChartView(this);

ChartPanAndZoomBehavior behavior = new ChartPanAndZoomBehavior();
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