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Visual Structure

Here are described all visual elements used in the Date Picker for Xamarin.

Date Picker Structure before and after a date/time is selected

Date Picker Visual Structure

Picker Popup Visual Structure

More information about Spinners refer to the RadSpinner help article.

Date Picker Popup Visual Structure


  • Placeholder - the text visualized before picking a date/time. Placeholder could be customized through the PlaceholderTemplate property.
  • DisplayStringFormat - the text vislualized after a date/time is picked.
  • Header - the text displayed in the popup header. It could se set a direct text through the HeaderLabelText property or fully customize the popup header using the HeaderTemplate property.
  • SpinnerHeader - the text visualized for spinner header depending on the values to be picked. For example if the SpinnerFormatString is d the text visualized for spinner header will be Month Day Year.
  • Spinner - displays items in a list.
  • SelectionHighlight - highlisht the current selected date when the popup is open.
  • Footer - the footer of the popup. By default is contains OK and Cancel Buttons. It could be customized through the FooterTemplate property.
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