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RadSpinner for Xamarin is a control which allows you to display items in a list. It also provides an option to loop through its items. RadSpinner control is used for the DateTime Picker, ListPicker. Also is could be used inside the Templated Picker SelectorTemplate.

Spinner control inherits from the RadBorder control.

Key Features

  • ItemsSource(IList): Defines a collection used to generate the content of the spinner.
  • IsLooping(bool): Defines a value indicating whether the items should loop infinitely while scrolling. By default the looping is disabled. In order to enable it set IsLooping="True".
  • ItemLength(double): Defines the length of the items in the spinner.
  • ItemSpacing(double): Defines the spacing between the items.
  • SelectedItem(object): Defines the selected item.
  • SelectedIndex(int): Specifies the selected index of the Spinner control.
  • DisplayStringFormat(string): Defines the string format used to display the items of the spinner.
  • DisplayMemberPath(string): Specifies a path to the property used to display the items of the spinner


  • ItemTemplate(DataTemplate): Defines the template for the spinner items
  • SelectedItemTemplate(DataTemplate): Defines the template for spinner selected item


  • ItemStyle(Style): Defines the style for the spinner items.
  • SelectedItemStyle(Style): Defines the style for the spinner selected item.


  • SelectionChanged


Sample examples where RadSpinner control is used can be found in our SDK Browser Application TemplatedPicker/Features - Styling and KeyFeatures examples.

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