Telerik Button for Xamarin is a button control, which enhances the functionality of the standard Xamarin Forms Button, by providing means for customizing its look & feel. UI customization is possible through the provided themes or you can add borders, transparency, text alignment, and backgrounds and images.

Figure 1: RadButton Overview

Button Overview

Key features

  • Content alignment options: With RadButton you will be able to apply different horizontal and vertical positioning of its content, read more here.
  • Setting border thickness: RadButton provides a BorderThickness property which you can use together with BorderColor in order to have various types of borders around your buttons, check here for more details.
  • Setting background image: You can customize the appearance of RadButton by applying am image as its background, read more here.
  • Creating circle button: You will be able to create a circular button by adjusting the Width, Height and BorderRadius of RadButton, check here for more details.
  • Theming support: RadButton comes with built-in theming support that helps you achieve consistent look with the rest controls from Telerik UI for Xamarin suite.

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