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What is a Telerik Theme

A Telerik Theme is a set of resources which are designed to provide your application with a consistent look and feel across all platforms. Setting a theme for your application is an easy and straightforward process. Furthermore, you are free to customize the theme's resources so that a more distinct appearance is achieved.

Blue Theme

As its name suggests, the main accent of the Blue Theme is the blue color. Respectively, the additional brushes that are used are picked to nicely fit with the leading color. Figure 1 shows how some of the controls look with the Theme set. The Default Theme Colors and their actual appearance are present in the table below.

Figure 1: Telerik Blue Theme

Telerik Blue Theme

Default Theme Colors

Main Colors

Color Hex Value Appearance
Basic Font Color #4A4949
AlternativeFont Color #919191
Accent Color 1 #3148CA
Background Color 1 #3D5AFE
Accent Color 2 #30BCFF
Background Color 2 #000000
Color of Grid #D9D9D9
Color of Menu Bar #F8F8F8

Complementary Colors

Complementary Color Hex Value Appearance
Complementary Color 1 #FF5225
Complementary Color 2 #FFC325
Complementary Color 3 #2EC262
Complementary Color 4 #FE3D5A
Complementary Color 5 #803DFE
Complementary Color 6 #3DBAFE

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