Supported Types

There are two types of barcodes according to their dimensions:

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Matrix (2D) barcodes

The matrix code is a two-dimensional way for representing information. It can also be referred to as a 2D barcode or simply a 2D code. It is similar to the linear (one dimensional) barcode, but can represent more data per unit area.

Currently, RadBarcode supports QR Code, PDF417, SwissQR Code and DataMatrix barcode types.

Linear (1D) barcodes

The linear (one dimensional) barcodes are made up of lines and spaces of various widths that create specific patterns. Currently, RadBarcode supports the following one dimensional barcode types:

Barcode Description
Codabar (aka Ames Code/USD-4/NW-7/2 of 7 Code): Used in libraries and blood banks
Code 11 (USD-8): Used to identify telecommunications equipment
Code 25 Standard Used in airline ticket marking, photofinishing
Code 25 Interleaved Used in warehouse, industrial applications
Code 39 (aka USD-3, 3 of 9): U.S. Government and military use, required for DoD applications
Code 39 Extended (aka USD-3, 3 of 9): U.S. Government and military use, required for DoD applications, supports full ASCII
Code 93 (aka USS-93): Compressed form of Code 39
Code 93 Extended (aka USS-93): Compressed form of Code 39, supports full ASCII
Code 128 Very dense code, used extensively worldwide
Code 128 A Subset of Code 128 *(more info in 1D Barcodes)
Code 128 B Subset of Code 128 *(more info in 1D Barcodes)
Code 128 C Subset of Code 128 *(more info in 1D Barcodes)
MSI Variation of Plessey code, with similar applications
EAN 8 Short version of EAN-13, 8 characters
EAN 13 Used with consumer products internationally, 13 characters
GS1-128 Formerly known as UCC-128 and EAN-128. Used to encode shipping/product information *(more info in 1D Barcodes)
Postnet Printed by U.S. Post Office on envelopes
Planet Used by the U.S. Postal Service to identify and track pieces of mail during delivery - the Post Office's "CONFIRM" services
UPC A Used with consumer products in U.S., 12 characters
UPC E Short version of UPC symbol, 6 characters
UPC Supplement 2 Used to indicate magazines and newspaper issue numbers
UPC Supplement 5 Used to mark suggested retail price of books

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