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Expand and Collapse All Row Details in RadGridView


Product Version 2022.2.621
Product RadGridView for WPF


How to implement custom logic that expands or collapses all row details in GridView.


The row details visibility of the GridView rows is controlled via their DetailsVisibility property. To implement logic that expands/collapses all row details, the DetailsVisibility property of the GridViewRow element can be bound to a property in the row's data item. Then, on button click or another action, the data item property of all items can be changed accordingly to the needed expand state.

Defining the data item's property

public class RowInfo : ViewModelBase 
    private Visibility detailsVisibility = Visibility.Collapsed; 
    public Visibility DetailsVisibility 
        get { return detailsVisibility; } 
        set { detailsVisibility = value; OnPropertyChanged("DetailsVisibility"); } 
    // other row related properties here 

Data bind the visibility property

    <!-- if using the NoXaml Telerik dlls, set the following setting on the Style object: BasedOn="{StaticResource GridViewRowStyle}"--> 
    <Style TargetType="telerik:GridViewRow"> 
        <Setter Property="DetailsVisibility" Value="{Binding DetailsVisibility, Mode=TwoWay}"/> 

Expand/Collapse all row details

private void ToggleRowDetailsVisibility(Visibility visibility) 
    // this.source is a collection of RowInfo objects assigned to the ItemsSource of RadGridView 
    foreach (var item in this.source) 
        item.DetailsVisibility = visibility; 

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