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Open a RadOpenFileDialog when Using the RadCloudUpload


Product RadCloudUpload for WPF


How to replace the default MS OpenFileDialog with a RadOpenFileDialog.


Handle the AddingFiles event of the RadCloudUpload control, cancel the creation of the default dialog with the CancelDialogOpening property, open a new RadOpenFileDialog and populate the FileNames collection with the files, selected in the dialog.

private void RadCloudUpload_AddingFiles(object sender, AddingFilesEventArgs e) 
    e.CancelDialogOpening = true; 
    if (fileDialog == null) 
        fileDialog = new RadOpenFileDialog(); 
        fileDialog.Multiselect = true; 
    if (fileDialog.ShowDialog() == true) 
        foreach (var file in fileDialog.FileNames) 
Private Sub RadCloudUpload_AddingFiles(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As AddingFilesEventArgs) 
    e.CancelDialogOpening = True 
    If fileDialog Is Nothing Then 
        fileDialog = New RadOpenFileDialog() 
        fileDialog.Multiselect = True 
    End If 
    If fileDialog.ShowDialog() = True Then 
        For Each file In fileDialog.FileNames 
        Next file 
    End If 
End Sub 

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