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Changing Background Color of Regular WPF Window with Windows 11 OS Theme


Product Progress Telerik UI for WPF
Version 2023.2.718


I want to change the background color of a regular WPF window according to the Light/Dark theme setting in the Windows 11 operating system. However, the color does not change when I toggle the theme between light and dark mode in the Windows > PC Settings > Personalization.


To achieve this requirement, you can use the RadWindow control instead of the Window control. Additionally, you should set the RadWindow as the MainWindow of your application and use the System color variation of the Telerik Windows11 theme.

Here are the steps to implement the solution:

  1. Replace the Window control with the RadWindow control in your project.
  2. Set the RadWindow as the MainWindow of your application.
  3. Set the Windows11 theme and apply the System color variation.

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