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GestureManager is a utility class that exposes methods that allow management of the TouchManager's gestures. GestureManager stores all available gestures that can be performed via TouchManager and provides a mechanism to register new gestures and ensure their proper exectuion.

GestureManager exposes the following methods:

  • ActivateGesture: A method that activates a particular gesture for the UIElement. If there is an active gesture, the manager will deactivate it. The method returns a deactivation token object that can be used to deactivate the gesture manually.

  • CanActivateGesture: A method that indicates whether the candidate gesture can be activated. The gesture cannot be activated if there is already an active gesture and the transition is not allowed.

  • RegisterGestureRecognizerFactory: A method that registers a gesture recognizer factory.

  • DeregisterGestureRecognizerFactory: A method that deregisters a gesture recognizer factory.

You can read more about the gesture recognizer factory in the Custom Gestures help article.

  • GetActiveGesture: A method that gets the name of the active gesture for the UIElement.

  • GetOrCreateGestureRecognizer: A method that gets the gesture recognizer for the UIElement.

  • GetRegisteredGestureRecognizerFactories: A method that gets the registered gesture recognizer factories.

  • GetRegisteredGestureTransitions: A method that gets the allowed gesture transition for this gesture.

  • IsGestureTransitionAllowed: A method that indicates if a transition is allowed.

The Creating Custom Gesture help article demonstrates how to use GestureManager to register a new gesture factory and activate the gesture.

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