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The label feature allows you to display additional information about the text.

The label displays as a watermark content (placeholder) when the RadWatermarkTextBox control is unfocused and the text is empty. When the control gets focused or any text is entered, the label is positioned on top (floating) of the text input area.

Setting the Label property

<telerik:RadWatermarkTextBox Label="First Name" /> 

Label default visualization

WPF RadWatermarkTextBox Label Default Visualization

Label visualization when floated

WPF RadWatermarkTextBox Label Visualization When Floated

To keep the label always positioned on top of the text input area, set the KeepLabelFloated property of RadWatermarkTextBox to True.

Setting the KeepLabelFloated property

<telerik:RadWatermarkTextBox KeepLabelFloated="True" /> 
To get the current state of the label, use the IsLabelFloated property of RadWatermarkTextBox.

Getting the state of the label

bool isLabelFloated = this.watermarkTextBox.IsLabelFloated; 

Customizing Appearance

The label visual element is of type Label. To customize its appearance, use the LabelStyle property of RadWatermarkTextBox.

Customizing the label

<telerik:RadWatermarkTextBox Label="First Name"> 
        <Style TargetType="Label"> 
            <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="#5CB9DE" />                     
            <Setter Property="FontStyle" Value="Italic" />                     

Customized label

WPF RadWatermarkTextBox Customized Label


The label comes with a built-in animation that moves the label on top of the input text and then return it back to the center when necessary. This feature is enabled using Telerik's AnimationManager class. To change the animation, set the attached AnimationManager.AnimationSelector property on the RadWatermarkTextBox control. The property allows you to define an AnimationSelector with two groups describing the two animations that appear - make the label floating and return it to the text input area (the center).

The following example shows the default AnimationSelector used with the control but with slightly changed Duration of the animations.

Customizing the label

<telerik:RadWatermarkTextBox Label="First Name">          
            <telerik:AnimationGroup AnimationName="LabelFloatAnimation"> 
                <telerik:LabelPositionAnimation TargetElementName="PART_LabelVisualElement" Duration="00:00:00.500" Direction="Out"  /> 
                <telerik:FontSizeAnimation TargetElementName="PART_LabelVisualElement" Duration="00:00:00.500" Direction="Out" />                         
            <telerik:AnimationGroup AnimationName="LabelCenterAnimation"> 
                <telerik:LabelPositionAnimation TargetElementName="PART_LabelVisualElement" Duration="00:00:00.500" Direction="In"  /> 
                <telerik:FontSizeAnimation TargetElementName="PART_LabelVisualElement" Duration="00:00:00.500" Direction="In" /> 

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