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Click Sound

The keyboard comes with a click sound on key press.

To disable the click sound, set the IsKeyPressSoundEnabled property to False.

Disabling click sound

<telerik:RadVirtualKeyboard IsKeyPressSoundEnabled="False" /> 
The sound player that plays the sounds can be accessed or replaced using the KeySoundPlayer property of RadVirtualKeyboard.

Using Custom Sound File

To replace the default click sound, initialize a new DefaultKeySoundPlayer and provide it with a Stream containing a sound file information.

Setting custom sound file

StreamResourceInfo info = Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri(@"/WpfApplication;component/myClickSoundFile.wav", UriKind.Relative)); 
virtualKeyboard.KeySoundPlayer = new DefaultKeySoundPlayer(info.Stream); 
The DefaultKeySoundPlayer uses the .NET native SoundPlayer class to playback .wav files.

Creating Custom Sound Player

The sound playback implementation can be fully replaced by implementing the sound player from scratch. To do so, implement the IKeySoundPlayer interface. The following example shows how to implement a very basic key sound player that uses the SystemSounds.Beep sound.

Implementing custom key sound player

public class CustomKeySoundPlayer : IKeySoundPlayer 
    public bool IsSoundEnabled { get; set; } 
    public void Play(BaseKeyViewModel viewModel) 
        if (IsSoundEnabled) 

Assigning the custom key sound player

public Example() 
    this.virtualKeyboard.KeySoundPlayer = new CustomKeySoundPlayer(); 

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