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Cell ToolTip

RadVirtualGrid provides a cell tooltip behavior which can be used to visualize information while hovering a cell. The CellToolTip functionality is disabled by default. To enable it, you need to set the ShowCellToolTip boolean property of the RadVirtualGrid.

Example 1: Show Cell ToolTip

<telerik:RadVirtualGrid ShowCellToolTip="True"/> 

Setting the CellToolTip while RadVirtualGrid is populated through DataProvider

If the default DataProvider is used for populating the control with data, it handles the OnCellToolTipNeeded event. In order for the default behavior to be altered, a Custom Data Provider can be utilized. The properties that the event arguments expose are listed below.

  • Value: A property of type object which can be used to get or set the content of the cell tooltip.

  • ColumnIndex: A property of type int that gets the index of the current hovered column.

  • RowIndex: A property of type int that gets the index of the current hovered row.

The column headers will have RowIndex of -1. With this in hand, the row indicator area will have ColumnIndex of -1.

The following example demonstrates how we can modify the default cell tooltip of the RadVirtualGrid when using DataProvider. We are going to use the code snippets from MVVM Support help article. The only difference here will be that we are going to create our DataProvider to override the OnCellToolTipNeeded() method. Example 1 demonstrates how to customize a little bit of the tooltip for the cell and column headers.

To get the value of the current hovered cell, you need to call the base.OnCellToolTipNeeded() method. Otherwise, the value property from the event arguments will be null.

Example 2: Override OnCellToolTipNeeded to provide custom value

public class MyDataProvider : DataProvider 
    public MyDataProvider(IEnumerable source) 
        : base(source)  {} 
    protected override void OnCellToolTipNeeded(VirtualGridCellToolTipEventArgs valueEventArgs) 
        int columnIndex = valueEventArgs.ColumnIndex; 
        int rowIndex = valueEventArgs.RowIndex; 
        if (columnIndex > -1 && rowIndex == -1) 
            valueEventArgs.Value = this.ItemProperties[columnIndex].Name+ " Column:" + columnIndex; 
        else if (columnIndex > -1 && rowIndex > -1) 
            valueEventArgs.Value = valueEventArgs.Value + " Row:" + rowIndex + "/Col:" + columnIndex; 
WPF RadVirtualGrid Custom Cell Tooltip

Setting the CellToolTip while RadVirtualGrid is populated with data manually

In this case, while RadVirtualGrid is manually populated, the control provides a CellToolTipNeeded event for setting the value of the cell tooltip on demand.

In order for the RadVirtualGrid to be populated with data, its InitialRowCount and InitialColumnCount properties need to be set.

Example 1: Setting the InitialRowCount and InitialColumnCount properties

    <telerik:RadVirtualGrid x:Name="VirtualGrid"   
The control populates its data through the CellValueNeeded event. In our case, we will show the row/column index of the current hovered cell.

Example 2: Setting the InitialRowCount and InitialColumnCount properties

    private void virtualGrid_CellValueNeeded(object sender,Telerik.Windows.Controls.VirtualGrid.CellValueEventArgs e)  
        e.Value = String.Format("{0}.{1}", e.RowIndex, e.ColumnIndex);  
You can set the CellToolTip content with a similar code by subscribing to the CellToolTipNeeded event.

Example 3: Setting the Value of the ToolTip

    private void virtualGrid_CellToolTipNeeded(object sender,Telerik.Windows.Controls.VirtualGridToolTipEventArgs e)  
        e.Value = String.Format("ToolTip Row:{0},Col:{1}", e.RowIndex, e.ColumnIndex);  


You can customize the CellToolTip through the CellToolTipTemplate property of the RadVirtualGrid.

Example 4: Setting CellTooltipTemplate property to custom DataTemplate

        <DataTemplate x:Key="CustomToolTipTemplate"> 
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding }" Foreground="Red"/> 
        <telerik:RadVirtualGrid x:Name="VirtualGrid" InitialColumnCount="5" InitialRowCount="5" 
                    CellToolTipTemplate="{StaticResource CustomToolTipTemplate}"  
                    ShowCellToolTip="True" />    
WPF RadVirtualGrid Custom Cell Tooltip Template

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