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This article describes the release history of the RadTreeView control.

To see the fixes and features included in our latest official release please refer to our Release History .

Q1 2014

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: The lines of the control look jagged

  • Fixed: DragDrop operation produces exception when ScrollViewer is removed from the TreeView's ControlTemplate

Q2 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: AllowDrop is initially set to True

  • Fixed: DropPreviewLine is incorrectly positioned in zoomed browser

  • Fixed: Exception occurs when several DragNDrop operations are performed on static RadTreeViewItems with default Style applied

  • Fixed: Highlighting the RadTreeViewItems is not correct when hosted in a native TabControl

  • Fixed: MemoryLeak when using the RadTreeView with RadContextMenu

  • Fixed: MouseOver is not updated properly when header content captures the mouse

  • Fixed: Selection should not be cleared when selected item is replaced with itself

  • Fixed: The DragCue does not use Nested Item Templates

  • Fixed: The DragCue offset is wrong when the DragActionContent is long

  • Fixed: The DropPreviewLine is positioned incorrectly

  • Fixed: The RadTreeViewItems are expanded if during a drag operation, the mouse hovers over them, even if the drop is outside the item

  • Fixed: When dragging a RadTreeViewItem, if it isn't removed from its original source, its mouseover state isn't changed

  • Fixed: Wrong ItemTemplate is used in the DragVisualCue in certain databinding scenarios

What's New

  • Feature: Ability to turn auto-scroll on/off

  • Feature: Allow adjusting the size of the drop zones

  • Feature: Drop line before the first RadTreeViewItem needed

  • Feature: Implement AutoScrolling During Drag/Drop

  • Feature: Refactor Drag Drop logic to use the new API

Q1 2013

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Dynamic implicit theme change breaks expand/collapse animations

  • Fixed: Built-in drag and drop does not work in ElementHost

  • Fixed: Does not resize smoothly when placed in RadWindow and has Auto Width

  • Fixed: DragDrop when bound to XML throws a null ref exception

  • Fixed: Drop position is not calculated correctly in winforms window

  • Fixed: Dynamic FontSize bug in Windows8 theme

  • Fixed: Handling PreviewCollasped when the last item is removed does not update state

  • Fixed: Having ComboBox as item header and IsDragDropEnabled=True disallows scrolling in the ComboBox's drop-down

  • Fixed: Multiple selected items are not deselected correctly when single selecting another

  • Fixed: Newly added items can't be selected

  • Fixed: NullRef if SelectedItem is removed in the Selected handler

  • Fixed: Problem when reloading treeview while editting an item

  • Fixed: Setting IsInEditMode in the MouseDoubleClick event handler doesn`t work properly

  • Fixed: The DragTooltip Content doesn't properly update when dragging TreeViewItems in an unpinned pane

  • Fixed: When the control is used in the RibbonView.Backstage menu, its DragTooltip isn't properly updated during drag

  • Fixed: Wrong visualization of the node connecting line

What's New

  • Feature: Obsolete TreeView RadioButtons support

  • Feature: Add touch support for scrolling

Q3 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Changing the height of TreeViewItem not respected by TreeViewPanel

  • Fixed: Move operation causes exception in the virtualization panel

What's New

  • Feature: Touch Support for Scrolling

Q2 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: Keyboard Navigation Not Relative to Focused Item

  • Fixed: The SelectedItem is not updated after change of the ItemSource collection

  • Fixed: In SL 5, when the CheckState of the RadTreeViewItem is bound via StyleBindings, Null Reference exception occurs

  • Fixed: Opening MessageBox on DoubleClick with enabled drag drop functionality freezes the mouse interaction

You can examine the Q2 2012 release history in our site.

Q1 2012

What's Fixed

  • Fixed: PreviewDragStarted fires if you handle PreviewSelected/PreviewUnselected

  • Fixed: In ExpressionDark and Metro Theme, Foreground color is too light when a RadTreeViewItem is first selected and expanded

  • Fixed: Edit mode does not starts when fast clicks are performed over tree items and then F2 is pressed

  • Fixed: The IsDropPreviewLineEnabled property is not shown in the Properties Window

  • Fixed: SelectedItem property description is wrong

  • Fixed: When a RadContextMenu is opened, the RadTreeViewItem behind stays in MouseOver state

What's New

  • Feature: Changing the IsDragDropEnabled Should Update Existing Items

  • Feature: Add Double Click Event

You can examine the Q1 2012 release history in our site.

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