This article will cover the events of RadTransitionControl.

TransitionStatusChanged event

RadTransitionControl exposes TransitionStatusChanged event which is fired anytime there is a change in the content and the transition animation. The TransitionStatusChangedEventArgs exposes a Status property which is of enum TransitionStatus. The property value could be one of the Started, Interrupted or Completed members.


  • Started indicates that the transition has been idle and new transition is triggered.

  • Interrupted indicates new transition start before the old one has completed.

  • Completed means the transition completes and the RadTransitionControl is now idle.

When Does a Transition Start?

To check if new content is available and has started a transition you should take care to handle both cases of Started and Interrupted. They both indicate a new transition has started the difference is whether the RadTransitionControl has been playing other transition or not.

Is There a Transition Currently Playing?

If you want to do some UI related logic like disabling buttons while a transition is in progress you could use the Started and Interrupted to set the buttons to disabled and Completed to reset them back to enabled.

For this purpose also a read-only dependency property IsTransitionIdle is available so you could bind IsEnabled of the buttons to IsTransitionIdle.

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