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Reordering Tiles

The tiles in RadTileView can be reordered via drag and drop operation. The dragged RadTileViewItem will be swapped with the item under the mouse. This feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it with the IsItemDraggingEnabled property of RadTileView.

Example 1: Disabling the drag reordering

<telerik:RadTileView IsItemDraggingEnabled="False"/> 

Drag Mode

RadTileView supports two drag modes - Slide and Swap. The mode is contoled through the DragMode property.

  • Slide: The tiles swap their positions on mouse over. This is the default drag mode.
  • Swap: The tiles swap their positions when the dragged tile is dropped.

Example 2: Changing the drag mode

<telerik:RadTileView DragMode="Swap" /> 


RadTileView supports autoscrolling while dragging a tile. To enable this feature use the IsAutoScrollingEnabled property.

Example 3: Enabling autoscrolling

<telerik:RadTileView IsAutoScrollingEnabled="True"> 

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