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Floating Containers

RadRichTextBox provides you with the functionality of enclosing custom UI elements in its document that you can display over its content. To do so, you can use the FloatingUIContainer element, which can wrap any object of type UIElement, e.g. a button, an image, or even a media element or media player. It is inserted as an inline

The following example showcases how to add a RadButton element inside a FloatingUIContainer instance and display it in the RadDocument:

Adding a UIElement to a FloatingUIContainer

RadButton radButton = new RadButton() 
    Content = "Hello", 
    Width = 200, 
    Height = 40 
FloatingUIContainer floatingContainer = new FloatingUIContainer(radButton, new Size(radButton.Width,    radButton.Height)); 
RadRichTextBox with a FloatingUIContainer containing a RadButton element

RadRichTextBox with a FloatingUIContainer containing a RadButton element

Not Supported Scenarios

  • There isn't a UI for resizing/ deleting the FloatingUIContainer element. Changing the properties of the FloatingUIContainer is not possible through the UI.
  • The FloatingUIContainer is not copyable.
  • The FloatingUIContainer cannot be dragged and dropped.
  • The FloatingUIContainer element can only be imported/exported from/to an XAML format via the XamlFormatProvider class. To perform additional logic when importing/exporting the FloatingUIContainer and its layout, subscribe to the the ExportSettings.InlineUIContainerExporting and ImportSettings.InlineUIContainerImported events of the XamlFormatProvider instance.
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