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You can configure the tooltip that is displayed when the user hovers over the icon with the TooltipContent property. By default a styled custom tooltip is shown. If you want to show the native tooltip, set the UseNativeTooltip property to True.

Native ToolTip

To display a native tooltip, set the UseNativeTooltip property as demonstrated in Example 1. When this property is True the ToString() value of the TooltipContent will be shown in the tooltip.

Example 1: Setting TooltipContent

        TooltipContent="My tooltip" 

Figure 1: RadNotifyIcon with tooltip

RadNotifyIcon with tooltip

In order for theming to be applied, you can ommit the setting of the UseNativeTooltip property.

TooltipContent and TooltipContentTemplate

The RadNotifyIcon provides a default TooltipContentTemplate that will be styled according to your theme. You can also customize it as per your requirements. The DataContext inside the TooltipContentTemplate property will be whatever is set to the TooltipContent.

Example 2: Setting TooltipContent and TooltipContentTemplate

    TooltipContent="My styled tooltip"> 
            <Border Background="Bisque"> 
                <TextBlock Text="{Binding}" Padding="10"/> 

Figure 2: RadNotifyIcon with customized tooltip

RadNotifyIcon with customized tooltip


The IsTooltipOpen property allows you to check whether a styled tooltip is currently open.

Example 3: Using the IsTooltipOpen property

var isOpen = this.icon.IsTooltipOpen; 
Dim isOpen = Me.icon.IsTooltipOpen 

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