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You can display a context menu when the user interacts with the notify icon with the help of the TrayContextMenu property.


The TrayContextMenu property expects a value of type RadContextMenu. Example 1 demonstrates how it can be used.

Example 1: Setting TrayContextMenu

        <telerik:RadContextMenu IconColumnWidth="0"> 
            <telerik:RadMenuItem Header="Item 1" /> 
            <telerik:RadMenuItem Header="Item 2" /> 
            <telerik:RadMenuItem Header="Item 3" /> 

Figure 1: RadContextMenu displayed over the icon

RadContextMenu displayed over the icon


The ContextMenuActivationMouseEvent property determines when the context menu will be shown. The default value is RightClick.

Example 2: Setting ContextMenuActivationMouseEvent

<telerik:RadNotifyIcon ContextMenuActivationMouseEvent="RightDoubleClick" /> 

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