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Performance Tips

This article lists several settings that can be applied in order to improve the RadMap's performance.

  • Use VisualizationLayer, instead of InformationLayer. VisualizationLayer brings improvements compared to the other layers and it loads the shapes asynchronous.

  • Disable the automation peers. All Telerik controls support extended UI automation that can be disabled in order to improve the performance. To do so, set the AutomationManager.AutomationMode to Disabled.

    Example 1: Disabling automation peers

        public MainWindow() 
            AutomationManager.AutomationMode = AutomationMode.Disabled; 
  • Use the items virtualization feature and restrict the viewport, so that a smaller number of shapes is displayed.

  • Use the clustering feature. This will allow you to combine several shapes into a single one when they start overlapping.

  • If using a provider, disable the tiles caching by setting the IsTileCachingEnabled property of the provider to False.

    Example 2: Disabling the tiles caching

            <telerik:OpenStreetMapProvider IsTileCachingEnabled="False" /> 
  • Disable the zooming animations by setting the UseSpringAnimations property of RadMap to False.

    Example 3: Disabling zoom animations

        <telerik:RadMap UseSpringAnimations="False" /> 
  • Disable the bitmap cache of the VisualizationLayer by setting its UseBitmapCache property to False. This caching is used to accelerate the panning operation. Note when this is enabled the memory increases significantly when there are many map shapes on the layer.

    Example 4: Disabling the bitmap cache

        <telerik:VisualizationLayer UseBitmapCache="False" />    
  • Avoid using MapShapeBindableWrapper elements, like MapEllipseView, MapRectangleView, MapPolylineView, etc. The wrappers implement additional logic that syncs the business objects with the automatically created map shape data objects which takes processing time. Instead, use map shape data objects directly.

  • If the loaded shape file contains many and complex geometries, try to simplify the geometries in the shape file.

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