Export Numeric Value


When exporting a RadGridView to Excel using ExportFormat.ExcelML, if you have applied a DataFormatString for a certain column of type integer, the values are exported as strings.


The content of each cell within the column is treated as string due to the formatting that was applied.


You need to parse the value back to a numeric type by utilizing the ElementExporting event.

Here is a small sample code:

Example 1: Handling the ElementExporting event:

private void clubsGrid_ElementExporting(object sender, GridViewElementExportingEventArgs e) 
    if (e.Element == ExportElement.Cell) 
        var column = e.Context as GridViewDataColumn; 
        if (column.Header.ToString() == "My String Column") 
            e.Value = string.Format(@"=T(""{0}"")", e.Value); 
Private Sub clubsGrid_ElementExporting(sender As Object, e As GridViewElementExportingEventArgs) 
    Dim column = TryCast(e.Context, GridViewDataColumn) 
    If e.Element = ExportElement.Cell Then 
        If column.Header.ToString() = "My String Column" Then 
            e.Value = String.Format("=T(""{0}"")", e.Value) 
        End If 
    End If 
End Sub 
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