Data Export Overview

RadGridView provides built-in methods for exporting its data to various formats. Underneath, the control utilizes the RadSpreadProcessing and RadSpreadStreamProcessing libraries for handling these operations.

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Export to Excel

As of R1 2019, though the new GridViewSpreadStreamExport class which utilizes the RadSpreadStreamProcessing library, you can export larger data sets more quickly. Asynchroneous export is supported as well. More information about this recommended approach of exporting the RadGridView control can be found here.

Exporting to the XLSX format can also be achieved by using the following two extension methods:

Export to PDF

To export the control to the PDF format you can use the following two extension methods:

Export to Other Formats

Exporting to ExcelML, HTML, CSV, and plain text is also supported by using the Export and ExportAsync methods and specifying the ExportFormat.

The control also provides the ToExcelML, ToHtml, ToCsv and ToText extension methods each of which returns a string of the exported data.

Customizing the Export

You can modify and style the exported data by utilizing the export events.

Alternatively, you can use the RadSpreadProcessing library and export the data manually. Thus, heavier customizations such as adding or removing visual elements from the exported data can be applied. Such implementation is demonstrated in the RadGridView Integration example.

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