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Export DateTime Value


1) When exporting DateTime values without a specified DataFormatString to Excel, the values appear as numbers as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Exporting DateTime values without specified DataFormatString

Telerik WPF DataGrid-export-datetime-as-number

2) When exporting DateTime values with specified DataFormatString to Excel, the values appear as strings as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2: Exporting DateTime values with specified DataFormatString

Telerik WPF DataGrid-export-datetime-as-string


1) In most modern programming environments, dates are stored as real numbers. The integer part of the number is the number of days since some agreed-upon date in the past, called the epoch. In Excel, June 16, 2006, for example, is stored as 38884, counting days where January 1st, 1900 is 1.

2) When a DataFormatString has been specified for a given column, RadGridView exports the string representation of the values in that column.


When an element is exported through the ExportToXlsx, ExportToPdf, ExportToWorkbook or SpreadsheetStreamingExport methods, the arguments of the ElementExportingToDocument event can be used to modify the visual appearance of the exported values and specify how they should be formatted in Excel. This is achieved through the VisualParameters property of the GridViewCellExportingEventArgs.

Example 1: Exporting DateTime Values to Excel

this.radGridView.ElementExportingToDocument += (s, e) => 
    if (e.Element == ExportElement.Cell) 
        var cellExportingArgs = e as GridViewCellExportingEventArgs; 
        if ((cellExportingArgs.Column as GridViewDataColumn) == this.radGridView.Columns[1]) 
            var parameters = cellExportingArgs.VisualParameters as GridViewDocumentVisualExportParameters; 
            parameters.Style = new CellSelectionStyle() 
                Format = new CellValueFormat("m/d/yyyy") 
AddHandler Me.radGridView.ElementExportingToDocument, Sub(s, e) 
                                                          If e.Element = ExportElement.Cell Then 
                                                              Dim cellExportingArgs = TryCast(e, GridViewCellExportingEventArgs) 
                                                              If (TryCast(cellExportingArgs.Column, GridViewDataColumn)) Is Me.radGridView.Columns(1) Then 
                                                                  Dim parameters = TryCast(cellExportingArgs.VisualParameters, GridViewDocumentVisualExportParameters) 
                                                                  parameters.Style = New CellSelectionStyle() With {.Format = New CellValueFormat("m/d/yyyy")} 
                                                              End If 
                                                          End If 
                                                      End Sub 

Figure 3: Exporting DateTime values with ElementExportingToDocument

Telerik WPF DataGrid-export-datetime-as-datetime

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