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Types of Items

RadGanttView control is used to display and update a list of task items using a data grid and a Gantt chart. A task corresponds to some work to be completed. Tasks are often broken down into child tasks, thus forming a hierarchy.

All the tasks in RadGanttView are Telerik.Windows.Controls.GanttView.GanttTask objects.

RadGanttView provides the following types of tasks:

  • Regular task - task that have no child tasks.

  • Summary task - task with child tasks. They are set through SetChildren() method.

  • Milestone task - task with zero duration that corresponds to an event.

IsMilestone property should be set to true to create Milestone tasks.

The following screenshot shows how the different types of tasks are visualised in the data grid and the Gantt chart:

ganttview types of items

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