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Visual Structure

This topic defines terms and concepts related to RadFilePathPicker that you have to get familiar with before you continue reading this help.

Figure 1: RadFilePathPicker Visual Stucture

RadFilePathPicker Visual Structure

The following table lists the elements that make up a RadFilePathPicker:

  • Icon: It changes dynamically depending on the current FilePath. In order to learn how to customize the shown icon, visit the IconTemplateSelector article.

  • WatermarkBox: The RadWatermarkTextBox that visualizes the Text. Check the WatermarkTextBox Properties article to learn about the API that the RadFilePathPicker exposes for modifying it.

  • ClearButton: This button is shown only when some Text is inputted and allows the user to clear it.

  • ShowDialogButton: This button opens a RadFileDialog. The type of the dialog is controlled through the DialogType property.

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