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How to Use RadDocking in Prism

Prism can be thought of as a set of libraries for building scalable, maintainable and testable XAML applications. It provides a number of features such as modularity, view regions and commanding. A common scenario is to use the RadDocking control with Prism. The recommended approach is to declare the entire Docking control as a Prism region and add the RadPanes as region Views, after which all that is required is to create a custom RegionAdapter that would adapt the control's PanesSource to that region’s Views.

For further details, see the Docking PRISM Implementation with MEF example in our SDK Repository, which demonstrates how to implement the main functionality of RadDocking using PRISM and MEF. The covered scenarios include:

  • MEF
  • MVVM
  • CustomRegionAdapter
  • CustomRegionBehavior, which helps Activation implementation
  • Activation
  • Custom Event aggregators
  • Predefined docking layout at start up
  • Save and Load docking layout on application start up and exit
  • Adding new documents at runtime

For detailed description on the implementation, see the Using RadDocking with PRISM in WPF/Silverlight blog post.

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