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With the Q3 2015 release version of UI for WPF the ability to drag and drop RadDesktopAlert to a specific location on the screen is now available.

You can easily move RadDesktopAlert by clicking anywhere inside the control except its Content.

When RadDesktopAlert gets moved its LayoutChanged event is raised.

You could easily disable the moving functionality of RadDesktopAlert using the CanMove property. By default it is set to True, so you have to set it to False in order to disable it:

Enable moving

RadDesktopAlert alert = new RadDesktopAlert(); 
alert.CanMove = true; 
Dim alert As New RadDesktopAlert() 
alert.CanMove = True 

If you prefer visualizing RadDesktopAlert by passing an object of type DesktopAlertParameters to the ShowAlert method the DesktopAlertParameters class also supports the CanMove property and you could set it through it:

Enable moving using DesktopAlertParameters

var manager = new RadDesktopAlertManager(); 
manager.ShowAlert(new DesktopAlertParameters 
    CanMove = false, 
    Header = "Message", 
    Content = "A new message has arrived!" 
Dim manager As New RadDesktopAlertManager() 
manager.ShowAlert(New DesktopAlertParameters With 
    .CanMove = True, 
    .Header = "Message", 
    .Content = "A new message has arrived!" 

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