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This article describes the release history of the control.

Latest Release Notes

You can find out the latest release notes here.

Q3 2013

What's Fixed

  • Visual Studio's designer automatically switches to design view when RadContextMenu is used inside RadDropDownButton

Q2 2013

What's new

  • Created new RadMenuGroupItem and RadMenuSeparatorItem.

  • Added handler for PopupCommands.Close and PopupCommands.CloseAll commands.

  • Added integration between RadDropDownButton/RadSplitButton and RadContextMenu.

  • Implemented scrolling in RadContextMenu.

  • Implemented ItemContainerTemplateSelector for MenuBase and RadMenuItem.

  • Added DropDownWidth and DropDownHeight properties to RadMenuItem.

  • Added InputGestureText property to RadMenuItem.

What's fixed

  • RadContextMenu is not closed when the ItemsSource is changed on ItemClick.

  • When you set a Windows8Touch Theme and then change it at runtime the FontSize is not changed correctly.

  • In most of the themes when you set Background property of a RadMenuItem, it is applied only on the Icon area.

  • In Windows8Touch Theme submenus do not have vertical border for the icon.

  • SubMenu stays open when you click over Separator in parent RadMenuItem.

  • RadMenuItem doesn't receive click in some cases when the template is changed.

  • Image put as an Icon of RadMenuItem is stretched in Windows8 theme, while in OfficeBlack (and other themes) it isn't.

Q1 2012

What's New

  • One instance of RadContextMenu can now be attached on multiple elements

  • When RadContextMenu is attached on multiple elements and opened with IsOpen=true then PlacementTarget must be specified

  • RadContextMenu and RadMenu will close on LeftAlt, RightAlt or F10 key down (WPF)

What's Fixed

  • GetClickedElements now works correctly when browser is zoomed

  • Placemet is now correct when browser is zoomed

  • Placemet is now correct when FlowDirection is RightToLeft

  • RadContextMenu now shows in the correct window when using Silverlight 5 OOB multiple windows

  • When SubMenu or RadContextMenu is opened with keyboard (or with IsOpen=true) and mouse appears over RadMenuItem then this RadMenuItem will not be focused/highlighted until mouse move

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