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Customize the PaletteViewItem's ToolTip

This article will show you a way to customize the ToolTip of the PaletteView items.

Keep in mind that this approach is available in data binding scenarios, only.

For the purpose of this article we will use:

  • a custom class ColorModel that exposes two properties of type Color and string

        public class ColorModel : ViewModelBase 
            private Color currColor; 
            public Color CustomColor 
                get { return this.currColor; } 
                    if (this.currColor != value) 
                        this.currColor = value; 
            public string ToolTipString { get; set; } 
        Public Class ColorModel 
            Inherits ViewModelBase 
            Private currColor As Color 
            Public Property CustomColor() As Color 
                    Return Me.currColor 
                End Get 
                Set(value As Color) 
                    If Me.currColor <> value Then 
                        Me.currColor = value 
                    End If 
                End Set 
            End Property 
            Public Property ToolTipString() As String 
                    Return m_ToolTipString 
                End Get 
                Set(value As String) 
                    m_ToolTipString = Value 
                End Set 
            End Property 
            Private m_ToolTipString As String 
        End Class 
  • three different collections of ColorModel which will be used for the HeaderPalette, MainPalette and StandardPalette

  • a ViewModel that wraps these collections and creates some sample data

        public class MainViewModel : ViewModelBase 
            private ObservableCollection<ColorModel> mainPaletteColors; 
            private ObservableCollection<ColorModel> headerPaletteColors; 
            private ObservableCollection<ColorModel> standardPaletteColors; 
        Public Class MainViewModel 
            Inherits ViewModelBase 
            Private m_mainPaletteColors As ObservableCollection(Of ColorModel) 
            Private m_headerPaletteColors As ObservableCollection(Of ColorModel) 
            Private m_standardPaletteColors As ObservableCollection(Of ColorModel) 

Then you have to set the MainViewModel as DataContext of the RadColorPicker control. In order to set the customized string as a tool tip you can use the PaletteItemsTemplate property to set a customized DataTemplate. In this template you can use the ToolTipService and bind the ToolTip property to your customized string.

    <DataTemplate x:Key="PaletteTemplate"> 
        <Rectangle ToolTipService.ToolTip="{Binding ToolTipString}"> 
                <SolidColorBrush Color="{Binding CustomColor}" /> 
<telerik:RadColorPicker HeaderPaletteItemsSource="{Binding HeaderPaletteColors}" 
                        MainPaletteItemsSource="{Binding MainPaletteColors}" 
                        PaletteItemsTemplate="{StaticResource PaletteTemplate}" 
                        StandardPaletteItemsSource="{Binding StandartPaletteColors}" /> 

The result will be similar to the picture below:

Rad Color Picker How To Custom Tool Tip

In this article