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This topic covers the commands available in RadColorPicker. Commanding is a way to invoke some code in the ViewModels when a user interaction is performed instead of invoking a code behind function.


RadColorPicker provides Command property of type ICommand which can be bound to Command from your ViewModels / Business Objects. This Command is executed in the following cases:

  1. User clicks the left part of the SplitButton (the "A" - like RadButton in the SplitButton)

  2. User clicks on a non-selected RadColorPaletteViewItem.

Please note that the Command will not be executed when the user clicks on the Toggle Button (the right part of the SplitButton).

Clicking an already selected color will not trigger the Command too.

Command is also a property of the RadColorSelector. It is triggered when the user clicks a non-selected color from the ColorSelector. Among with Command, RadColorPicker and RadColorSelector provide the standard accompanying properties: CommandParameter and CommandTarget.

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