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The chart camera defines and controls the point of view from where the chart is observed in 3D space. RadCartesianChart3D uses the WPF Camera class to project 3D objects to a 2D surface. By default the chart uses the native PerspectiveCamera provided by the WPF framework.

The point of view is defined by the position of the camera in the 3D space (x, y, z positions), the look direction represented by a 3D vector and a field of view angle when the camera is perspective.

You can get the camera object using the Camera property of the chart.

Example 1: Getting/setting the chart camera

// Getting the camera
Camera camera = chart.Camera;   

// Setting the camera
chart.Camera = new OrthographicCamera();    

You can find more information about 3D and the WPF cameras in the 3-D Graphics Overview article in MSDN.

RadCartesianChart3D allows you easier interaction with the camera via the Chart3DCameraBehavior class. You can read more about it in the Telerik's Camera Behavior help article.

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