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Adding RadThemeManager to a Form

RadThemeManager is an non-visual component that manages the connection between themes (stored in XML files) and Telerik UI for WinForms controls on your form. To apply a theme to a control, the form containing the control must also contain a RadThemeManager.

There are two ways to add a RadThemeManager to your form:

  • From the toolbox.

  • From the Smart Tag menu of any Telerik RadControl.

Adding a Theme Manager from the Toolbox

From the Telerik UI for WinForms tab of the toolbox, drag a RadThemeManager component and drop it anywhere on your form. This action will create a RadThemeManager control in the form component tray area.

tools-visual-style-builder-adding-custom-themes-to-your-application-adding-radthememanager-to-a-form 001

Adding a Theme Manager from the Smart Tag Menu

Select any RadControl on your form. Open the Smart Tag menu, and then click New Theme Manager.

tools-visual-style-builder-adding-custom-themes-to-your-application-adding-radthememanager-to-a-form 002

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