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Prepare a HelpFunctions script

When you write tests manually you are likely to face many repetitive actions that are performed in different test scenarios. Such actions include:

  • running your application under test
  • selecting an item in RadListView
  • clicking RadGridView filtering button
  • comparing a control region with an expected image
  • etc.

It will save you a lot of time if you write down all those functions in a separate script and reuse them in your future tests.

Add a new script in your project called “HelpFunctions”. Now if you want to add a function that runs TelerikExamples.exe in the upcoming tests you can declare it as follow:

function RunApplicationTelerikExamples()

  process = TestedApps["TelerikExamples"]["Run"]()
    Log["Error"]("The process is not started.")   

This script will run your previously added tested application “TelerikExamples” or Log an Error and mark your test as failed if the process fails to run. To add references to other units to the current script unit, you can insert the USEUNIT directive to your script. Then you can declare your test as a function itself.

//USEUNIT HelpFunctions
function RadGridViewExcelLikeFilteringTest()
  process = Sys["Process"]("TelerikExamples")

This short example demonstrates using “RunApplicationTelerikExamples()” function in order to run the application, then creating a variable called “process” that is mapped to the process “TelerikExamples” itself.

Later, when we explain how to write a proper test script with Telerik controls, we will talk about other useful functions that can be placed in “HelpFunctions” script.

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