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The RadPrintDocument has a built in watermark support. The RadPrintDocument supports both text and image watermarks.

To get the watermark to show you have to set it up using the Watermark property:

RadPrintDocument document = new RadPrintDocument();
document.Watermark.Text = "Watermark";
document.Watermark.TextHOffset = 0;
document.Watermark.TextVOffset = 950;
document.Watermark.TextAngle = 300;

Dim document As New RadPrintDocument()
document.Watermark.Text = "Watermark"
document.Watermark.TextHOffset = 0
document.Watermark.TextVOffset = 950
document.Watermark.TextAngle = 300

Alternatively you can create an instance of the RadPrintWatermark, set its properties and then assign it to the Watermark property of RadPrintDocument(this is useful when you want to use the same watermark in multiple documents).


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