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Copy/Paste custom fields in RadScheduler


Product Version Product Author
2019.2.618 RadScheduler for WinForms Desislava Yordanova


When you have a custom implementation for the Appointment class, e.g. you extended the Appointment class with an Email field and try to copy/paste it, only the content of the basic Appointment class are being transferred. A common requirement is to copy/paste the Email field as well.


In order to copy/paste a custom field (e.g. Email) in the Appointment, you can store the value of the selected object in the AppointmentCopying event and assign the stored value in the AppointmentAdded event. Here is demonstrated a sample approach:

 private void radScheduler1_AppointmentsCopying(object sender, SchedulerClipboardEventArgs e)
    this.radScheduler1.Tag = ((AppointmentWithEmail)e.Appointments[0]).Email;

private void radScheduler1_AppointmentAdded(object sender, AppointmentAddedEventArgs e)
    if (this.radScheduler1.Tag + "" != "")
        ((AppointmentWithEmail)e.Appointment).Email = this.radScheduler1.Tag.ToString();
    this.radScheduler1.Tag = null;

    Private Sub radScheduler1_AppointmentsCopying(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As SchedulerClipboardEventArgs)
        Me.RadScheduler1.Tag = (CType(e.Appointments(0), AppointmentWithEmail)).Email
    End Sub

    Private Sub radScheduler1_AppointmentAdded(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As AppointmentAddedEventArgs)
        If Me.RadScheduler1.Tag & "" <> "" Then
            Dim a As AppointmentWithEmail = TryCast(e.Appointment, AppointmentWithEmail)
            a.Email = Me.RadScheduler1.Tag.ToString()
        End If

        Me.RadScheduler1.Tag = Nothing
    End Sub        

If you need to have full control on the copy/paste operations in RadScheduler, you can create a derivative of the SchedulerInputBehavior, override its HandleKeyDown method and execute the desired logic when the Control key is pressed in combination with Keys.V or Keys.C:

 public class CustomSchedulerInputBehavior : SchedulerInputBehavior
    public CustomSchedulerInputBehavior(RadScheduler scheduler) : base(scheduler)

    public override bool HandleKeyDown(KeyEventArgs args)
        if (args.Modifiers == Keys.Control)
            switch (args.KeyCode)
                case Keys.C:
                case Keys.X:
                case Keys.V:
        return false;

    Public Class CustomSchedulerInputBehavior
        Inherits SchedulerInputBehavior

        Public Sub New(ByVal scheduler As RadScheduler)
        End Sub

        Public Overrides Function HandleKeyDown(ByVal args As KeyEventArgs) As Boolean
            If args.Modifiers = Keys.Control Then

                Select Case args.KeyCode
                    Case Keys.C
                    Case Keys.X
                    Case Keys.V
                End Select
            End If

            Return False
        End Function
    End Class

Then, set the RadScheduler.SchedulerInputBehavior property to the custom behavior that you have:

 this.radScheduler1.SchedulerInputBehavior = new CustomSchedulerInputBehavior(this.radScheduler1);  

 Me.RadScheduler1.SchedulerInputBehavior = New CustomSchedulerInputBehavior(Me.RadScheduler1)

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