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Collapsing SubPage Items in RadPageView Navigation Mode with Hierarchy


Product Version Product Author
2023.3.1114 RadPageView for WinForms Dinko Krastev


When using RadPageView in Navigation Mode with Hierarchy, you may want to collapse all subpage items at Form Load. This tutorial explains how to achieve this in your WinForms application.


To collapse all subpage items in RadPageView Navigation Mode with Hierarchy, follow these steps:

  1. Add the following code snippet in the Form Load event:

RadPageViewNavigationViewElement navigationElement = this.radPageView1.ViewElement as RadPageViewNavigationViewElement;
foreach (RadPageViewNavigationViewItem item in navigationElement.Items)
    item.IsExpanded = false;

Dim navigationElement As RadPageViewNavigationViewElement = TryCast(Me.radPageView1.ViewElement, RadPageViewNavigationViewElement)

For Each item As RadPageViewNavigationViewItem In navigationElement.Items
    item.IsExpanded = False

  1. Run your application.

Now, at Form Load, all the subpage items in the RadPageView Navigation Mode with Hierarchy will be collapsed.


  • Make sure to replace radPageView1 with the name of your RadPageView control.

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