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This help article will demonstrate a step by step tutorial how to customize the ControlDefault theme for RadTextBoxControl.

  1. Open Visual Style Builder
  2. Export the built-in themes in a specific folder by selecting File >> Export Built-in Themes.
  3. Load a desired theme from the just exported files by selecting File >> Open Package.
  4. Expand RadTextBoxControl and select RadTextBoxControlElement and the select the Disabled state in the Element States window.

  5. Open the Edit Repository Item dialog and change the BackColor and the GradientStyle:

  6. Select RadTextBoxControl and change the UseDefaultDisabledPaint property to false.

  7. Go back to RadTextBoxControlElement and change the UseDefaultDisabledPaint for it as well.


The following article shows how you can use the new theme: Using Custom Themes.

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