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Row Types

System Rows

RadVirtualGrid contains the following system rows:

  • HeaderRow: shows the columns headers where one can put the columns text. The ShowHeaderRow property controls the visibility of this row.

  • FilteringRow: this row will appear when the filtering is enabled. It allows the user to type a filler value and choose between different filter types. The row can be accessed in the RowFormatting event.

  • NewRow: this row allows the user to add new data rows. The AllowAddNewRow property controls this row visibility.

Data Rows

RadVirtualGrid is getting the data rows only when this is needed, when the grid is initialized and when the user performs an operation which changes the currently visible rows. This means that this grid does not keep logical row representation like RadGridView or the default .NET grid. You should only set the RowCount and then pass the cells values in the CellValueNeeded event.

Data Rows Common Properties

The following list shows the most commonly used row properties and methods:

  • TableElement.RowHeight: You can set the default row height by setting the property.
  • AllowRowResize: You can allow the end user to resize rows by setting this property to true.
  • TableElement.SetRowHeight: This method allows you to set the height of a specific row in he code behind.

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