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Smart Tag

The Smart Tag for RadVirtualGrid lets you quickly access common tasks involved with building the grid and customizing appearance through themes.

WinForms RadVirtualGrid Design Time Smart Tag

  • Common Tasks

    • New Theme Manager: Adds a new RadThemeManager component to the form.

    • Edit UI elements: Opens a dialog that displays the Element Hierarchy Editor. This editor lets you browse all the elements in the control.

    • Theme Name: Select a theme name from the drop down list of themes available for that control. Selecting a theme allows you to change all aspects of the controls visual style at one time.

  • Setup

    • RowCount: Specifies how many rows the grid needs to display.

    • ColumnCount: Specifies how many columns the grid needs to display.

  • Data Operations

    • Allow Filter: Controls whether the filtering operation is enabled.

    • Allow Sorting: Controls whether the sorting operation is enabled.

  • Specific Tasks

    • Enable Adding new rows: Controls whether the new row is visible to the end-user.

    • Show Headers: Determines whether the header row is visible to the end-user.

  • Learning Center: Navigate to the Telerik help, code library projects or support forum.

  • Search: Search the Telerik site for a given string.

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