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Hide Row and Column Headers and Gridlines

Row and Column headings, as well as worksheet gridlines, are handy when creating or editing a document in RadSpreadsheet. However, at times you would want to hide them in order to make the spreadsheet more clean and presentable. This article will teach you about the options provided by RadSpreadsheet that allow you to achieve this.

Show or Hide Row and Column Headings

The RadWorksheetEditor exposes a Boolean property ShowRowColumnHeadings. Its default value is true and this makes the row and column headings visible. Setting the property to false as demonstrated in Example 1 hides them.

Example 1: Hide Row and Column Headers

this.radSpreadsheet.SpreadsheetElement.ActiveWorksheetEditor.ShowRowColumnHeadings = false;

Me.radSpreadsheet.SpreadsheetElement.ActiveWorksheetEditor.ShowRowColumnHeadings = False

Show or Hide Gridlines

If you want to show or hide the gridlines of RadSpreadsheet just set the ShowGridlines Boolean property of RadWorksheetEditor to true for showing the gridlines or false for hiding them. Example 2 shows how you can disable the gridlines.

Example 2: Hide Gridlines

this.radSpreadsheet.SpreadsheetElement.ActiveWorksheetEditor.ShowGridlines = false;

Me.radSpreadsheet.SpreadsheetElement.ActiveWorksheetEditor.ShowGridlines = False

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