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Spreadsheet UI

RadSpreadsheet comes with pre-defined UI that is automatically wired with all of the commands provided by the control and shows its full potential. RadSpreadsheetRibbonBar automatically registers the UI components of RadSpreadsheet and keeps them up-to-date after each upgrade.

Figure 1: RadSpreadsheet with default UI and context menu

WinForms RadSpreadsheet with default Ribbon UI and context menu

Add RadSpreadsheet with Predefined UI to Your Application

RadSpreadsheetRibbonBar control compliments RadSpreadsheet, with convenient ribbon exposing the variety of features the latter supports. Just drop the control on the form and you will get all the UI expected from a standard spreadsheet editing application, including multiple ribbon tabs full of commands, styles gallery, formula and status bar. When updating from version to version, you'll automatically get UI for all the new commands we expose.

The Smart Tag allows you to associate the RadSpreadsheet with the RadSpreadsheetRibbonBar

WinForms RadSpreadsheetRibbonBar Smart Tag

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