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RadSlideView offers built-in support for animations that are enabled out-of-the-box. Setting the AllowAnimation property allows you to turn on/off the animation functionality.

The public API allows customizing the animation type, frames, intervals, etc. The relevant properties are listed below:

  • AnimationInterval: Gets or sets the animation interval. Default value = 10.

  • AnimationFrames: Gets or sets the animation frames. Default value = 60.

  • AnimationType: Gets or sets the type of the animation that is executed between the slides. Default value = AnimationType.Slide. Other options are: Fade, SlideOver, None.

  • AnimationEasingType: Gets or sets the animation easing type. Default value = RadEasingType.InOutCubic.

The AnimationStarted and AnimationFinished events occur when the animation is started and finished respectively.

Customize the Default Animation

this.radSlideView1.AllowAnimation = true;
this.radSlideView1.AnimationInterval = 30;
this.radSlideView1.AnimationFrames = 30;
this.radSlideView1.AnimationType = AnimationType.Fade;
this.radSlideView1.AnimationEasingType = Telerik.WinControls.RadEasingType.InExponential;

Me.radSlideView1.AllowAnimation = True
Me.radSlideView1.AnimationInterval = 30
Me.radSlideView1.AnimationFrames = 30
Me.radSlideView1.AnimationType = AnimationType.Fade
Me.radSlideView1.AnimationEasingType = Telerik.WinControls.RadEasingType.InExponential

WinForms SlideView Animation

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