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Save/Load reminders

RadScheduler allows you to save and load the reminders set for appointments. Reminders are saved into an xml file format to a user provider file path or stream. To save the reminders for a given scheduler you should call the SaveRemidners method of RadScheduler and provide a path where the file should be saved:

Save Reminders



When you load reminders you should first have the appointments loaded in RadScheduler so the load mechanism can identify them and restore their reminders.

You can load saved reminders into RadScheduler is by calling the LoadReminders method:

Load Reminders



SchedulerSaveLoadRemindersBehavior is the class that handles the saving and loading of reminders inside RadScheduler. You can inherit this class and provide your own custom logic for saving and loading appointments. After you have your custom implementation all you have to do is assign it to the SaveLoadRemindersBehavior property of RadScheduler:

Custom Save/Load Behavior

public class CustomSaveLoadRemindersBehavior : SchedulerSaveLoadRemindersBehavior
    public CustomSaveLoadRemindersBehavior(RadScheduler scheduler)
        : base(scheduler)
    { }
    public override void SaveReminders(string filePath)
        //Custom save logic
    public override void LoadReminders(string filePath)
        //Custom load logic

Public Class CustomSaveLoadRemindersBehavior
    Inherits SchedulerSaveLoadRemindersBehavior
    Public Sub New(scheduler As RadScheduler)
    End Sub
    Public Overrides Sub SaveReminders(filePath As String)
        'Custom save logic
    End Sub
    Public Overrides Sub LoadReminders(filePath As String)
        'Custom load logic
    End Sub
End Class

Change the Current Save/Load Behavior

this.radScheduler1.SaveLoadRemindersBehavior = new CustomSaveLoadRemindersBehavior(this.radScheduler1);

Me.radScheduler1.SaveLoadRemindersBehavior = New CustomSaveLoadRemindersBehavior(Me.radScheduler1)

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