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Working with Exceptions


RadScheduler for WinForms data binding and occurrence exceptions. The big new feature for R3 2009 release in RadScheduler for WinForms has got to be the resource grouping functionality. There are, however, numerous other improvements that also deserve attention, such as data binding. Some of you may remember that in its first release the WinForms Scheduler had just basic support for binding to appointment data. Later we extended this functionality to support storing associations to resources in the data source. Read full post ...

An exception, in RadScheduler terms, is an appointment instance that does not fully conform to the rule that created it. They are designed to handle the occurrence of exceptions, or special conditions that change the normal flow of the appointment execution.

Example: You have a Mon-Friady daily recurring appointment, which starts at 9am and closes at 10am. Changing just one of the recurrence appointments (but not all) to start at 2pm will constitute an exception to the recurrence rule, and should be handled separately.

Working with Exceptions

See the Using DataSource property and Binding to Business Objects topics on how to work with the Exceptions Collection.

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