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Property Builder

To setup your RadPivotGrid easily at design time you can invoke the RadPivotGrid Property Builder from the SmartTag menu of RadPivotGrid.

Figure 1: Property Builder

pivotgrid-propertybuilder 001

The RadPivotGrid Property Builder is a design time wizard that consists of a preview pane on the right side and also three tabs on the left which contain different editors that allow you to modify the most commonly used properties:

  • General tab: On this tab you can set the DataSource and DataMember properties, as well as the ErrorString and EmptyValueString properties. Additionally there are a bunch of boolean properties related to enabling or disabling the build-in features of RadPivotGrid: drag & drop, context menus, sorting, filtering, resizing, etc.

  • Layout tab: On this tab you can edit the properties related to modifying the appearance of RadPivotGrid, like the layout type of the headers, the positions of the SubTotals/GrandTotals and the width or height of the different areas.

  • Fields: On this tab there is a RadPivotFieldList control which allows you to organize the fields from your data source in the desired descriptor collection.

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