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Bindable Types

You can bind RadGridView to a wide variety of data-sources. The data-source must implement IEnumerable interface in general. You can further customize the binding of RadGridView using ITypedList/ICustomTypeDescriptor/INotifyPropertyChange interfaces together with your business objects.

  • RadGridView follows the standard Windows Forms data-binding model. It can data bind to any *data-source *implementing one of the following interfaces:      

    • IList interface for one-dimensional arrays.

    • IListSource interface (like DataTable and DataSet classes).

    • IBindingList interface. For example the generic BindingList<> class.

    • IBindingListView interface. For example BindingSource class.

  • Simple collections, such as arrays, containing elements of the same type.

RadGridView understands the following bindable property types:

  • All primitive types: bool, byte, sbytechar, short, ushortint, uintlong, ulongdecimal, double, float, DateTime, etc.

  • GUID

  • String

  • TimeSpan

  • Enum types

  • Nullable types

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