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This article describes the inner structure and organization of the elements which build the RadBulletGraph control.

There are two main types of bullet graphs - horizontal and vertical, depending on the direction in which the control is drawn.

Figure 1: RadBulletGraph`s Element Hierarchy

WinForms RadGauges RadBulletGraph`s Element Hierarchy

Figure 2: RadBulletGraph`s Structure

WinForms RadGauges RadBulletGraph`s Structure

  1. RadLinearGaugeElement: Represents the main element of RadBulletGraph.
  2. BulletGraphQualitiveBar: Each of the bars building RadBulletGraph.
  3. BulletGraphFeaturedMeasureBar: Bar representing the measure.
  4. LinearGaugeNeedleIndicator: Needle indicator.
  5. LinearGaugeLabels: Labels along the bullet graph.

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