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To localize RadTextBoxControl to display control text and messages in a specific language:

  • All required classes for localization are defined in Telerik.WinControls.UI.Localization namespace.

  • Start by creating a descendant of the TextBoxControlLocalizationProvider class.

  • Override the GetLocalizedString(string id) method and provide a translation for the label and user messages. If a translation is not provided, the default value will be returned. This behavior is guaranteed by the call of the base GetLocalizedString method.

Below is a sample implementation of an English localization provider:

Localizing RadGridView Strings

    public class CustomTextBoxControlLocalizationProvider : TextBoxControlLocalizationProvider
        public override string GetLocalizedString(string id)
            switch (id)
                case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuCopy:
                    return "&Copy";
                case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuCut:
                    return "Cu&t";
                case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuPaste:
                    return "&Paste";
                case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuDelete:
                    return "&Delete";
                case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuSelectAll:
                    return "&Select All";
            return base.GetLocalizedString(id);

    Public Class CustomTextBoxControlLocalizationProvider
    Inherits TextBoxControlLocalizationProvider

        Public Overrides Function GetLocalizedString(ByVal id As String) As String
            Select Case id
                Case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuCopy
                    Return "&Copy"
                Case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuCut
                    Return "Cu&t"
                Case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuPaste
                    Return "&Paste"
                Case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuDelete
                    Return "&Delete"
                Case TextBoxControlStringId.ContextMenuSelectAll
                    Return "&Select All"
            End Select

            Return MyBase.GetLocalizedString(id)
        End Function
    End Class

To apply the custom localization provider, instantiate and assign it to the current localization provider:

Assigning the Current Localization Provider

 TextBoxControlLocalizationProvider.CurrentProvider = new CustomTextBoxControlLocalizationProvider();

 TextBoxControlLocalizationProvider.CurrentProvider = New CustomTextBoxControlLocalizationProvider()

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