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Property Description
InterceptArrowKeys This property when true (the default) allows the user to press the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to select values. The focus must be on the control for this functionality.
ReadOnly When this property is set to true the end user cannot change the control value. By default this property is turned off. 
RightToLeft: If this property is set to Yes the arrow buttons are displayed on the left, text on the right.
Value, Minimum, Maximum The number displayed in the edit can be set or returned using the Value property. Use the Minimum and Maximum properties to limit the upper and lower bounds that a value may be set to.
Increment The amount incremented or decremented when the user clicks the up or down arrow buttons. By default this value is "1".
ThousandsSeparator This property when true displays a thousands separator. By default this property is set to false.
ShowUpDownButtons Gets or sets the whether RadSpinEditor will be used as a numeric textbox.
RightMouseButtonReset Gets or sets whether by right-mouse clicking the up/down button you reset the value to the Maximum/Minimum value respectively.
Wrap Gets or sets a value indicating that value will revert to minimum value after reaching maximum and to maximum after reaching minimum.
Value Represents the decimal value in the control.
DecimalPlaces Gets or sets the number of decimal places to display in the RadSpinEditor.
Hexadecimal Gets or sets a value indicating whether the RadSpinEditor should display the value it contains in hexadecimal format.
RadSpinElement.EnableMouseWheel Gets or sets a value indicating whether the user can change the value with mouse wheel.

DecimalPlaces is considered when you try to commit a new value to RadSpinEditor. That is why it is expected to round the value if less decimal places are specified than the contained in the value.


Event Description
ValueChanging This event fires before the value has changed and allows you to prevent a given value from being entered. The event passes a ValueChangingEventArgs parameter that includes the OldValue, NewValue and Cancel properties.
ValueChanged This event fires when the number has already changed. Use the Value property to get the current number in the RadSpinEditor.

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